The Match House account on TikTok will be a new tool for conquering the youth social network. Well-known stars of the popular social network and its viral videos will visit Match TV to film clips with the channel’s main sports commentators - Dmitry Guberniev and Georgy Cherdantsev.

Ilya Kuznetsov, the director of Match TV’s digital communications department, gave an interview to about creating Match House on TikTok.

He also noted that Match TV’s content on TikTok will be entertaining and related to sports. The Match TV team is currently launching a challenge for TikTok users. The prize - going live on air alongside Dmitry Guberniev. To take part, TikTok users need to upload a video of a daily life situation, add a sports-style commentary to the action and mark it with the hashtag #KommentiruisMATCHno. The finale of the contest will be held in Ostankino park on April 30. 

The Match TV account on TikTok is available at this link.