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21 April 2021

GPM Partner’s general manager Ekaterina Yurchenko speaks at 15th Shared Service Centres annual conference

Ekaterina Yurchenko’s presentation topic was “Trends and tendencies in the development of shared service centres in current circumstances”. The event was held from April 15-16, 2021 in Moscow. MSB Events organised the Shared Service Centres conference with the support of the SSC Club. Over the course of two days, industry professionals discussed the most important trends in relation to service centres. Based on these discussions, SSC Club identified the key development vectors in the industry for the middle-term future.

The Shared Service Centre was established on the basis of GPM Partner, a subsidiary of Gazprom-Media Holding, in October 2020. As of today, GPM Partner employs more than 550 people who serve more than 40 of the group’s enterprises, with the remaining enterprises in the queue. The Shared Service Centre is designed based on the Global Business Services (GBS) model and carries out its functions in an innovative format that still has no analogues in Russia.