Gazprom-Media Entertainment TV, a leader on the Russian entertainment television market, is expanding its global presence. The sub-holding began its cooperation with VDM (Vela Digital Media), which will promote the international versions of Gazprom-Media’s television channels abroad. These channels include Match! Planeta, TNT-Comedy, TNT 4 International, Friday! International and TV-3 International.

This agreement is another step in the sub-holding’s expansion into foreign markets. Gazprom-Media Entertainment TV is making a bet on the promotion of its own original content. Comedy Club Production and Good Story Media, which are part of the sub-holding, produce this content through orders made by Gazprom-Media’s television channels. Friday! Studio, 2x2 Animation Studio and PREMIER Studios also participate in creating original content.

At the end of the summer, Gazprom-Media Entertainment TV carried out a rebranding of its own OTT-platform PREMIER, making it globally accessible. In the new season, the sub-holding also continued its work in promoting the formats and projects, made by its divisions, on key markets. In part, the sub-holding recently announced the first results of its participation in the MIPCOM media market, where industry professionals from different countries were introduced to the series Zvonite DiCaprio! (Call DiCaprio!), Identifikatsiya (Identification), Epidemiya (The Epidemic), Call Center, Triada (Triad), Tolya Robot (Tolya is a Robot), Mylodrama (Soap Opera), Documentalist, among other projects.