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19 January 2021

​Red Media evaluates growth of its premium film channels

In their three years of operations, the 11 film channels that make up the Nastroi Kino! package from Red Media showed 147 exclusive film premieres. These include the world’s highest-grossing films from 2015 to 2018: Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Captain America: Civil War, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Avengers: Infinity War. The broadcast graphic design of all 11 channels was updated to celebrate the three-year milestone.

The total number of films in the Nastroi Kino! library has grown by 30% in the last three years. A significant number of film hits has become available thanks to Red Media’s collaboration with the Hollywood studios Disney, Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, MGM and Miramax.

These content changes have led to an increase in the number of subscribers and television viewing rates. According to Mediascope, the viewership share of the Nastroi Kino! film channels in the special-interest TV segment increased by 57% among an audience aged 18-45 in the first half of 2019. Meanwhile, the number of subscribers to the premium package grew 2.7 times in the past year alone. Part of this audience growth came from the Nastroi Kino! application for Smart TV, which gives viewers the opportunity to watch 10 film channels at the same as their on-air broadcasts. The app was launched in 2018.