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29 April 2022

Comedy hit Polyarny returns to TNT with new season and new villain

TNT will air the new season of the comedy series Polyarny starting on November 8 at 20:00. The series tells the story of a former bandit from the 1990s Vitya Myasnik, played by Mikhail Porechenkov, who starts a new life in Polyarny, a small town on the edge of Russia, and puts things in order there. Over the course of the series, Vitya and other town residents will face new problems that life in Russia throws at them.

The first season of Polyarny was one of TNT’s biggest hits. It had a share of 19.1% and reached the widest audience possible, including young people - its rating in the “18-30” age group was 19.9%. With indicators like these, the series became the leader of the evening slot and was naturally renewed for a second season.