The 1-2-3 Production film company is branching out in two new directions, launching 1-2-3 Casting, an online platform for finding new movie talent, and the 1-2-3 Talents talent agency.

1-2-3 Talents was established to create a pool of film industry professionals and represent their interests both within 1-2-3 Production as well as on the market as a whole. They will work with actors, directors, screenwriters, cameramen, musicians, bloggers and influencers, and they have already signed several exclusive contracts. 

1-2-3 Casting is an online platform that uncovers new talent and gives actors an opportunity to make themselves known by taking part in open castings. It is already possible to register on the online platform. What makes 1-2-3 Casting particularly unique is that any actor who uploads their profile on the platform and takes part in a casting will receive feedback on their tests.