In honour of the 75th anniversary of Victory Day, the historical channel 365 Dney TV will make a special broadcast telling viewers about the tragic events of that time, and the fate of people who made victory possible.

365 Dney TV will hold several online marathons of documentary films of its own production, all focusing on the Great Patriotic War. These broadcasts will be held on May 7 and 8 in the channel’s official group in Odnoklassniki social network, while on Victory Day itself, May 9, the channel’s viewers will see the online premiere of the new film Poslednii Shturm (The Last Assault). The film talks about the capture of Berlin by the soldiers of the Red Army - an event that marked the end of a long and difficult war - the end that millions of people dreamed of.

All together there were 34 films selected for the anniversary marathon. Viewers will get to see more than 14 hours of informative content about the most significant events of the Great Patriotic War.

Films from different documentary cycles will feature in the marathon. The cycle Na Puti k Velikoi Pobede (En Route to the Great Victory) is dedicated to real stories and memories of the soldiers who served at the front about key, turning points in the war: the defense of Moscow, the liberation of Kiev, Odessa and Minsk, the battle for Voronezh, and others. The cycle Velikaya Otechestvennaya Voyna na Chernom More (The Great Patriotic War on the Black Sea) tells the stories of battle and transport ships and the heroic acts of Soviet sailors on the Black Sea. The cycle Kollaboranisty Vtoroi Mirovoi Voiny (The Collaborators of World War II) looks at why people become traitors: from the pro-Nazi Vichy regime in France to the volunteer SS division in Galicia and Andrey Vlasov’s Russian Liberation Army. The cycle Lichnost v Istorii (The Individual in History) talks about the war journey of the Soviet sniper, Hero of the Soviet Union Natalya Kovshova.

365 Dney TV is a channel produced by Red Media television company. The channel’s projects give viewers the most objective view of historical events by looking at different points of view and uncovering new facts.