Gazprom Media turned 23 on January 21: for more than two decades, we have been instrumental in shaping Russia’s media industry. Today we are the leading media company in Russia and Eastern Europe, with assets in all media segments: television, film, content production and distribution, digital, radio, print press and advertising sales. Twenty-three years after being founded, Gazprom Media is launching a new corporate website which, above all, aims to meet the needs of a wide audience.

The key concept behind the new website design is our mission to create personalized universes for our audience members based on the best media and technological expertise.

The updated website was developed by the ONY agency team. Its concept reflects the synergy and scale of Gazprom Media’s business, which include television channels, radio stations, production studios and other companies. The visual aspect of the website is based on a dynamic series of multiple screens, while the navigation on the main page turns the website user into a creator of his own video sequence. When he or she chooses one of our business areas, a video about the corresponding business segment is uploaded.

Gazprom Media’s corporate colors plus a dark palette—a nod to the darkness of movie theaters—were used as the basis for the website’s color scheme. Moreover, now there is a gradient applied to the color scheme for Gazprom Media and all the companies that are a part of our Holding. This ensures that each of our assets retains its individuality on the new website. The typography and ways of presenting information on the website are minimalistic and functional. At the same time, the visual aspects of the website make it look modern and full of interesting media.

One important change to our website was the move away from corporate-style navigation, in which users were directed to the “Our Business” menu that listed our assets based on their segments. Now this section addresses the consumers of our content directly, so all the companies that are part of our family are now listed under headings aimed at welcoming audience members into our world: Watch, Listen, Learn, Sports, Behind the Scenes, Promote, Read, and Relax. The website users will be able to look through all the information and find the content they need easily thanks to the site’s intuitively clear navigation and descriptions.

The new Gazprom Media website is easy-to-use for any segment of our audience, whether they be our partners, journalists, or regular TV viewers. All of our businesses are presented in full and also systematized well within the thoroughly thought-out website plan and interface. Thus, the filters allow users to narrow their search, taking out and consolidating content when searching for news, events, or projects over any period of time. The visual concept and content-management mechanics of the website reflect a media holding that is progressive to its core.

Another important change on the corporate website was the addition of a detailed section about a career at Gazprom Media. Now people can find the answers to the most relevant and popular questions about working with us, while interviews with current employees will help them find out the specifics of certain media professions. The Office Life section allows website visitors to see the offices and other work spaces of our companies, while the Careers page has information about the education programs that Gazprom Media offers to develop the skills of its employees and enhance their career growth.

The Corporate Social Responsibility section also occupies an important place on the updated website. It includes all the information about our corporate social responsibility policy. Website visitors can go to this section to find out about the projects that our companies are undertaking and how we are using our brands and content to raise awareness for various social issues among our audience of millions.