Gazprom-Media, a leading media holding in Russia and Eastern Europe, and MaximaTelecom, which works on technological solutions and platforms for processing large data streams, are announcing the creation of a joint venture called GPM Data for developing data-based products with the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.  

The company will focus on developing a portfolio of data-based products as well as data management platforms, thus acting as a single data operator for Gazprom-Media Holding companies. GPM Data will also supply solutions to partners and advertisers based on the analysis and processing of big data.

MaximaTelecom will offer its commercial expertise and experience in managing data projects to the joint venture, and also provide IT skills and the technological infrastructure needed for developing data-based products. 

Gazprom-Media Holding will give the joint venture access to its platform solutions for analysing aggregate data with the help of machine learning, analytical and technological platforms for DOOH, and also point it towards promising areas for monetising data.

“The creation of a single competence center for working with aggregate data within the Holding will allow us to significantly expand the portfolio of digital products, including those that are not directly related to our traditional advertising and media business. The partnership with MaximaTelecom as part of our joint venture will create a technological base for the Holding’s future digital transformation and help to develop the service ecosystem. I am confident that by using data-driven solutions, our assets and partners will be able to significantly increase their business efficiency,” said Alexander Zharov, CEO of Gazprom-Media Holding.