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29 April 2022

​Gazprom-Media Entertainment TV to take part in international content market Key Buyers Event: Digital Edition

The channels and production studios, which make up the sub-holding Gazprom-Media Entertainment TV (part of Gazprom-Media Holding), will present their projects at the international content market Key Buyers Event: Digital Edition. The series, shows, programs and animations made by Gazprom-Media Entertainment TV companies will be represented in all sections: Showcase, Co-production, Screening Room and Presentations. This is the second time that the sub-holding is taking part in the Key Buyers Event.

TNT channel

TNT will show projects that have become absolute leaders in their time slots over the past two years, and have also received a lot of positive feedback not only from television viewers, but also from journalists at leading publications.

The channel will present the first season of its comedy series Zhuki (Bugs), made by Comedy Club Production, as part of the Showcase section.

In the show-program category, TNT will present its reality series Soldatki (Female Soldiers), in which female contestants are tested through service in the real army. The company Good Story Media created this project in close collaboration with the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. The show’s participants willingly gave up work and a comfortable city lifestyle to be recruited into a military unit near the Black Sea where they will undergo physical and psychological tests of their strength.

Yulia Akhmedova’s show Nam Nado Seryozno Pogovorit (We Need to Talk) will also be presented in the Showcase section. The show’s creators are calling it the first mix of stand-up and social reality on television. In the show, young women tell the comedian and psychotherapist Yulia Akhmedova what worries them in their relationships with their boyfriends. Then these men, without suspecting anything, are taken to a stand-up show in which they turn out to be the main subject of the monologues.

Friday! channel

Friday! will present its new shows and series. Mylodrama (Soap Opera) has become one of the main Russian comedy series of the past year. Two seasons of the series, which is produced by Friday! Studio, have come out so far. It talks about a former gas station employee who becomes the general manager of a television channel.

Moreover, Friday! will present its new travel project Mir Zabesplatno (The World for Free), the series Turisticheskaya Politsiya (Tourist Police) featuring popular blogger Anastasiya Ivleeva, and the show Instagramshitsy (Instagrammers), which was recently bought by Amazon Prime Video, among other projects.

Super channel

Super TV channel will present its comedy hits at the Key Buyers Event. These projects are made by Super Production and include the winner of the national TEFI award for best daytime series IP Pirogov - a story of a housewife who decides to open her own confectionary business after breaking up with her husband.

The channel will also present the series Voyna Semey (Family Wars), starring popular Russian actors Aleksandr Robak and Egor Beroev. One of the series’ producers, Klim Shipenko, is the director of the highest-grossing comedy in the history of the Russian box office, Kholop (The Peasant).

2x2 channel

The television channel 2x2 will present its new animation series for adults Nigdegorod i ego Okrestnosti (Nowhere City and its Surroundings). In the series, the main character and his mother move to a small town where paranormal things are happening. Television viewers who enjoy twisted plot lines will love the mystical investigations and time loops of the series, while connoisseurs of black humour will appreciate moments featuring the drunk tooth fairy, singing homeless old men and other fantastical occurrences. Don’t even try to leave Nigdegorod!

Match TV channel

Match TV will present its special 2020 UEFA European Football Championship projects, which have become the channel’s calling card this spring. Even though Euro 2020 has been postponed from 2020 to 2021 the channel still aired all of its pre-prepared exclusive programmes about the tournament. The cycle Moya Igra (My Game) talks about the 12 most memorable matches in the history of the Euro. These span different years, different eras. The portrait of an age is shown through the football lens as the program host Roman Naguchev visits these iconic places and meets the participants and witnesses of these memorable events. The cycle Chudesa Evro (Euro Miracles) looks into the incredible transformations some teams have undergone during the continental championship. Host Mikhail Polenov tells these unforgettable stories, which go back to the 1976, 1992, 1996, 2004, 2008 and 2016 editions of the tournament.

The new documentary series Zhizn Posle Sporta (Life After Sport) proved very popular with viewers. This is a series about famous athletes who try to adjust to new identities after completing their sporting careers. They thought that the roar of the stands, standing ovations and the love of fans will always follow them. How can they manage in a setting where everything works by different rules? Who can they be and what can they do? Athletes often lose themselves when left alone in a world where there are no training sessions, no victories to chase and no teammates to rely on. Fortunately, their strong athlete character helps them to start again and become successful.

TV-3 channel

TV-3 will present its fall film series at the Key Buyers Event. These include two new works of the show runner Ilya Kulikov, Dokumentalist. Okhotnik za Prizrakami (Documentalist. Ghost Hunter) in which Aristarkh Venes plays a director who decides to make a documentary that will go viral, and the detective series Agentstvo O.K.O (Agency O.K.O) about a tattooed outcast girl with paranormal abilities, played by Rina Grishina (Politseysky s Rublyovki/The Policeman from Rublevka), as well as its latest project, Lovets Dush (Soul Catcher).


The film company PREMIER Studios is taking part in all the sections of Key Buyers Event. There the company’s representatives will talk about the series they released, which have been included and awarded at international festivals, including Obychnaya Zhenshina (An Ordinary Woman), Epidemiya (The Epidemic), as well as projects that are at different stages of production.

A number of key projects by PREMIER Studios will be presented in Russia for the first time at the Key Buyers Event. For example, the historical blockbuster Rurik will be presented during the Co-production pitching session. Last year the project was the only Russian series to be invited to the international conference C21 in London, as part of the main section HOTPROPERTIES, where the three most anticipated titles from around the world are featured. Rurik is a story of the first Slavic rulers, directed by Andrei Kravchuk (Admiral, Viking, Soyuz Spaseniya/Union of Salvation), which has previously never been shown on screen.

The Key Buyers Event will also be the first time that the trailer to the main series of the year, Pereval Dyatlova (Dead Mountain - The Dyatlov Pass Incident), will be shown. BETA Film company is managing the international distribution of the series, as was announced at the start of the year at the Berlin International Film Festival.