Gazprom-Media Holding, the leading diversified media holding in Russia and Eastern Europe, has created the Gazprom-Media Partners subdivision within the Gazprom-Media Technologies group. The new subdivision will invest in technological companies based on the media-for-equity model, with the first deal already having been reached with the company Instamart in the food tech sector.

Among the most interesting investment projects that Gazprom-Media Partners is considering are b2c companies that have set business models and need large-scale media support at their current stage of development. The new subdivision plans to reach up to 20 deals in the next five years.

“The strategy for the development of the holding includes plans to diversity revenues and reduce dependence on advertising revenues, so we are looking for new business models and partners that would be interesting to us, including through media investments. We are ready to consider companies whose products pose a great interest to the audiences of our media assets. We plan to conduct transactions based on the media-for-equity model, in the form of targeted cash investments into the company’s capital, where the investments will go towards ad placements at the holding’s affiliated companies. Thanks to the media capabilities of Gazprom-Media Holding, we have the experience and deep understanding of the market, which will help in forming an effective media campaign for the quick growth of our partner. Our expertise in the field of digital technologies and cross-marketing campaigns that incorporate online platforms, will also give our partner a significant benefit from advertising,” said Vadim Fedotov, general manager of Gazprom-Media Technologies.

Gazprom-Media Partners reached the first deal using the media-for-equity model with a service for food deliveries from the Instamart stores. The funds will go towards an Instamart advertising campaign on the platforms of Gazprom-Media.

“The partnership with Gazprom-Media is one of the main steps for expanding the Instamart service in Moscow this year. The terms of the deal will motivate both sides to use the available advertising tools as efficiently as possible. We believe that this is an excellent opportunity to communicate the benefits of the service to a multi-million target audience and multiply the company’s sales,” said Pyotr Fedchenkov, co-founder and CEO of Instamart.