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29 April 2022

Gazprom-Media Radio and Russian Media Group establishing joint sales house in St. Petersburg

The two leading radio holdings will start to sell advertising together in Russia’s northern capital.

GPM Radio and RMG have made a decision to merge their sales of radio advertising using Gazprom-Media Sales House in St. Petersburg as a base. The parties agreed on all terms of cooperation and took into account the fact that the largest platform for selling radio advertising in St. Petersburg will be created on the basis of this new alliance. 

The extensive expertise that GPM Radio and RMG have accumulated in radio advertising, their extensive experience in preparing creative advertising campaigns and memorable special projects, the introduction of novel marketing approaches allow the two strongest market players to form the most powerful and effective system for selling radio advertising in St. Petersburg by combining their resources.

The new business model will ensure the quick placements of ads on all GPM Radio and RMG stations in St. Petersburg, as well as the digital resources of the two holdings. It will also give them the opportunity to develop a single pricing policy and to carry out full-scale monitoring and control of online advertising. The deals that were made prior to this agreement remain in effect will all obligations made to partners to be fulfilled in full and without exceptions.

Gazprom-Media Radio is represented in Russia’s northern capital by the radio stations Avtoradio (88.4 FM), Humour FM (88.9 FM), Radio ENERGY (95.0 FM), Comedy Radio (95.9 FM), Detskoe Radio (103.7 FM) ) and Radio Zenit (89.7 FM). The Russian Media Group is represented by Russkoe Radio (107.8 FM), Hit FM (92.4 FM), MAXIMUM (102.8 FM), Radio Monte Carlo (105.9 FM) and DFM (103.4 FM). 

According to Mediascope data (Radio Index - St. Petersburg, September-November 2021, 12+), 2.69 million St. Petersburg residents choose GPM Radio stations on a monthly basis, which is equivalent to 57.4% of all radio listeners in the northern capital. About 2.25 million people listen to RMG stations every month, or 47.9% of the city’s radio listeners. As of today, the combined audience of the two largest radio holdings in St. Petersburg adds up to 3.17 million people (67.6%). 

According to Yuri Kostin, CEO of GPM Radio, the merger of the strongest radio stations in St. Petersburg is a strategic milestone in the development of the advertising sales system not only on the local market, but also for the entire industry. 

The parties will make an announcement about the actual launch date of the Gazprom-Media Sales House branch in St. Petersburg at a later time.

This project is also open to other members of the local and national markets.