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29 April 2022

Gazprom Media and Russia’s Association of Volunteer Centers Announce Their Cooperation

The Holding has become a strategic partner to the Association

Gazprom Media and the Association of Volunteer Centers (AVC) have entered a strategic partnership agreement, and the two organizations will work together to promote the culture of volunteering and increase corporate volunteering. 

They will offer bilateral information support for their projects and carry out Russian and international events. Gazprom Media will help cover the association and its organizations’ key events on various media resources and inform people about these important projects, as well as other events in the volunteering sector. For its part, the Association will support the Holding in developing corporate volunteering and interacting with nonprofit organizations.

Gazprom Media has already formed its own volunteer corps, whose first mission will be to work in the headquarters of the nationwide #MyVmeste (#WeAreTogether) campaign. The Holding also cooperates with the Medical Volunteers national social movement, which is part of AVC. The work carried out by the Medical Volunteers gets regular coverage on the Holding’s channels (NTV, TNT, TNT4, Friday!, TV-3, Match TV, Super and 2x2). Gazprom Media Radio stations, the PREMIER video platform and assets of Gazprom Media KIT also offer their support. During the peak of the pandemic, Gazprom Media gave broad coverage of the work of medical experts on its media resources, as well as initiatives to support doctors. Thanks to these efforts, millions of people in Russia were able to say #spasibomedikam (#thankyoudoctors), while doctors and volunteers could see that people appreciate everything that they do.

“We plan to expand our cooperation by supporting the Association’s initiatives and projects in the media environment, as well as by promoting corporate volunteering within our Holding and initiating and carrying out socially important campaigns. One important task for us is to expand the people’s idea of volunteering with the help of the Association to convey the ideas and values of the movement to our viewers and listeners. We want to help people who have never done anything like this before to take the first step, as well as broaden the opportunities of those who are already involved in such projects. I am confident that, with the start of the partnership, people will do more and more good deeds”.
Alexander Zharov CEO of Gazprom Media Holding
“Our agreement with Gazprom Media will allow us to promote the values of the volunteer movement in the country. For example, we created a new project called Dobro.Zhurnal on the portal DOBRO.RU, which will foster social journalism in Russia. There is great demand for social content today and we know thousands of stories that could inspire and motivate Russians to take part in social projects. The agreement with Gazprom Media is a huge step forward in supporting and developing volunteer initiatives. Together with such an important partner, we can make volunteering the norm”.
Artyom Metelev Chairman of the council of the Association of Volunteer Centers

The Holding supports International Volunteer Day, which is celebrated on December 5, including the online marathon #MyVmeste, which will bring together volunteers from around the world. The marathon broadcast will last 24 hours, and participants will be able to join the teleconferences and live streams from Russian regions and foreign countries, master classes and discussions, interactive and entertainment events, and listen to motivational speeches. The awards ceremony for Volunteer of Russia 2020 will also be held as part of the marathon.