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11 January 2024

Gazprom-Media Holding signed a National Inclusive Agreement

Gazprom-Media Holding signed a National Inclusive Agreement (NIA) and joined the Open for All project of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. As part of NIA and PRO program implementation, Gazprom-Media Holding has extended and enlarged partnerships with non-profit organizations.

The PRO corporate social responsibility program operated by the holding became the basis of the agreement. As part of PRO, Gazprom-Media Holding is developing four areas: PRO_Sodeistvie (PRO_Assistance, support for charitable foundations sponsored by the holding), PRO_Uchastie (PRO_Participation, support for external charitable projects), PRO_Podderzhka (PRO_Support, participation of well-known major foundations in supporting foundations sponsored by the holding) and PRO_Sozdanie (PRO_Creation, creation of socially significant content). In addition, the holding is implementing an educational and practical project called PROfnavigator, which includes lectures, excursions and internships for those interested in the media career.

Gazprom-Media Holding takes concrete measures to foster an inclusive culture. As a holding company that provides media resources for talent development, we pay special emphasis on creative self-realization of everyone, regardless of circumstances. For example, Gazprom-Media Holding took an active part in organizing the 7th “Special Talents—2023” All-Russian Inclusive Multi-genre Art Competition. As part of the implementation of the National Inclusive Agreement and cooperation with the National Rehabilitation Development Foundation, we plan to co-organize Special Talents in 2024 as well.
Antonina Priezzheva HR Director of Gazprom-Media Holding
Today, inclusion in business is a key factor in the successful development and functioning of an organization, because it is not only a social necessity, but also a strategic decision. Our inclusive business community works to create a comfortable society where everyone can benefit from a service or product, as well as receive quality education and employment. The signing of the National Inclusive Agreement by Gazprom-Media Holding is another step toward realizing the goals of the Open for All project, which by the end of 2023 united more than 1,000 companies from 80 regions of the country.
Anna Sukhova Deputy CEO of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives

Gazprom-Media Holding will also develop a program to cooperate with foundations as suppliers of gift products. And corporate volunteers, united within the holding company in the Vselennaya Dobra center, will continue to expand the range of activities and exchange expertise with volunteers from other companies.

The National Inclusion Agreement is a public commitment by businesses and NPOs to adopt inclusive practices and create a barrier-free environment. By signing the NIA, the organization is stating intentions and specific actions to implement inclusive practices for the coming year.

The Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects (ASI) was established by the Russian Government on August 11, 2011. The ASI Supervisory Board is chaired by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The agency supports projects aimed at systemic changes in improving the quality of life, environment, education and training, regional and urban development, development of new technologies, and support for business projects. Key ASI initiatives include the National Investment Climate Index in Regions, the Quality-of-Life Rating, the National Social Initiative, the National Personnel Initiative, the Smarteka platform for sharing best practices, and the National Technology Initiative platform.