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16 June 2022

Gazprom-Media Holding and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran agreed on joint film production

In continuation of the agreement announced in spring on strengthening cooperation in the field of culture and art between Russia and Iran, the Gazprom-Media holding announced a collaboration with Iranian filmmakers. It will be the first joint Russian-Iranian project in the history of industry.
At a time when Western companies are imposing restrictions on working with Russian companies, the largest players in the domestic media market are exploring new promising areas of cooperation. One of those who successfully cope with this task is the Gazprom-Media holding, which has entered into a partnership agreement with Iranian colleagues from the film industry. Gazprom-Media Holding and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran announced joint production of projects, which will begin with creation of a film. On behalf of Gazprom-Media, Central Partnership will take over production. At this stage, the plot of the first motion picture has already been outlined and joint work on the script begins.
Despite the fact that Iranian cinema is not yet very familiar to the Russian audience, films made by directors of the Islamic Republic have repeatedly achieved recognition at major international festivals.

We live in an era of opportunities and new partnerships. The current story opens a chapter of collaborations with markets that are known for unique projects and strong teams. Now, the time has come to build new bridges with our foreign partners performing, among other things, a social function. Exchange of experience in the field of culture helps peoples to come closer. Iran is just the beginning. We are now at the stage of active negotiations with partners from other countries.
Aleksandr Zharov CEO of Gazprom-Media
Central Partnership Company has been a leader in distribution of high-quality films for many years. We will be happy to open Iranian cinema up to the Russian audience, and Russian cinema for the Iranian audience. We are sure that this cooperation is doomed to success, because the main beneficiary should always be the end user. Last year, over 20 percent of Central Partnership’s overseas sales came from the Middle East and Asia. There is no doubt that with entry into a new market, this figure will grow.
Vadim Vereshchagin CEO of Central Partnership

Central Partnership, part of Gazprom-Media, is the largest distributor of Russian films to the foreign market. At the end of 2021, 59 Russian films were sold for screening in cinemas and digital environment in more than 200 international territories.