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29 April 2022

CTBUH AWARDS 2021: Lakhta Center wins four nominations

The winners of the CTBUH Awards 2021, the biggest international award for unique high-rise buildings and urban development, were announced on May 20 in Chicago.

The international jury recognised Lakhta Center in the “Best in facade engineering” nomination. The Center also won the nominations “Best tall building in Europe”, “Construction” and “Best tall building 400 meters and above” based on a general vote of the conference members.

More than 160 projects, built over the past two years, were featured in the contest final. These include the best high-rise buildings and urban projects built using innovative construction technologies and outstanding engineering solutions.

The best projects were selected in two stages. The winners of the first stage of CTBUH - Award of Excellence advanced to the final. Lakhta Center emerged as the leader in terms of the number of nominations among the participants, receiving recognition in five competition categories.

The final stage was held from May 18-19, 2021. It was held online and served as the culmination of the Tall + Urban Innovation Conference. The winners were chosen by a jury, which included leading world architects, developers, urbanists and experts in the fields of design, construction and operation of high-rise buildings. A professional international audience also named its favourites through a general vote among the conference participants.

Lakhta Center is a truly unique high-rise building whose design and construction were completed in rather difficult conditions. This tower represents energy in all its forms through the illusion of movement created by the exquisite building facade. The innovative, energy-efficient skyscraper, topped with a graceful spire, has already become a city attraction and an embodiment of Gazprom’s investments in St. Petersburg. This is a deserving winner of the CTBUH Awards!
Tony Kettle Architect, head of the RMJM creative team, which developed the Lakhta Center concept

The annual CTBUH Awards are handed out by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) for outstanding contributions to high-rise construction and urban development, to projects that fulfill sustainability principles at the highest level and on the broadest possible scale. The goal is to form a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of these important buildings, spaces and technologies, and to promote improvements in all performance indicators, especially those that have the greatest impact on people in their daily lives. The buildings that are recognised at the CTBUH Awards are of the highest quality and reflect the advanced innovations made in their respective categories.

Lakhta Center is an innovative multi-function public and business complex, which serves as Gazrom’s headquarters. It is located on the Gulf of Finland in St. Petersburg. The total area of the complex is 400,000 square metres. The Lakhta Center tower is the tallest building in Europe, the most northern skyscraper in the world and the first Russian skyscraper to win the Emporis Skyscraper Award, a prestigious global award in high-rise architecture. The tower has received the LEED sustainability certification in the highest, platinum category.