The family comedy Cheburashka has become the absolute record holder in Russian distribution history. According to the Unified Federal Automated Information System for Information on Film Screenings in Cinema Halls (UAIS), 13.6 million tickets were sold for the film, and box office receipts exceeded 4.25 billion rubles. The distributor of Cheburashka was the Central Partnership company (part of Gazprom-Media Holding).

Until now, the highest-grossing film in Russia was the first part of Avatar with box office receipts of 3.5 billion rubles and 13.45 million tickets sold, and the highest-grossing domestic film was Son of a Rich, which collected 3.082 billion rubles.

The film Cheburashka portrays the adventures of an animal unknown to science in a seaside town. The film starred Sergey Garmash, Elena Yakovleva, Polina Maksimova and Fyodor Dobronravov. Cheburashka was voiced by Olga Kuzmina.