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19 January 2021

​Avtoradio: A quarter of a century with the country!

The concert ‘Avtoradio: 25 years - LIVE!’ was held in one of Moscow’s most prestigious concert venues, Crocus City Hall, on April 14, 2018. The most popular radio station in Russia’s capital marked its 25th anniversary with friends and listeners!

The festive show brought together a whole constellation of talented and super successful artists who are connected to Avtoradio by long-term, strong friendships. Russia’s biggest stars congratulated the radio station on its jubilee and the best songs of the past 25 years were heard from the stage of Crocus City Hall. The hosts of the show Murzilki Live, Bragin and Gordeeva, set a friendly atmosphere for the concert, while the hosts of the show Poekhali, Demidov and Abramyan, added positive energy.

The legendary Mashina Vremeni opened the concert program. The band’s hits “Povorot” (The Turn) and “Za teh, kto v more!” (For Those, at Sea) sounded especially powerful that evening.

Other artists who performed their best hits for the radio station and the guests of the evening included Elka, Leonid Agutin, Lyube, Chaif, Yuri Antonov, Lev Leschenko, Kristina Orbakaite, Sergey Lazarev, Polina Gagarina, Mikhail Shufutinsky, Aleksandr Ivanov and the band Rondo, Igor Nikolaev, Alsu, Dima Bilan, Vera Brezhneva, Emin, Vladimir Presnyakov, Natalia Podolskaya, Valery Siutkin, Aleksandr Kogan, Lolita, Oleg Mityaev, Denis Maidanov, Denis Klyaver, Aleksandr Shevchenko, Aleksandr Buinov, Zhasmin, Anita Tsoi and Aleksandr Marshal.

“In reality, Avtoradio has many more friends. This includes our partners, which came to the anniversary from various regions of Russia, the far and near abroad. This also includes our beloved listeners - Avtoradio is on air across the whole country, but thanks to modern technologies, it can also be heard in the whole world. This includes our artist friends. There were around 100 people who not only wanted to be guests, but wanted to perform in the concert. This is approximately 12 hours of music, so we limited ourselves to just 30 stars. I apologize to the artists who are in the audience today simply as guests. For us, you are just as dear, you are our brothers and sisters,” said Yuri Kostin, general manager of Gazprom-Media Radio whose flagship outlet is Avtoradio.

He also stressed that Avtoradio is, above all, a strong team with which it is possible to produce any project in a high-quality and professional way - even in a desert.

“In our time everything is taken to the limit: the good and the bad, truth and lies,” said Yuri Kostin. “Avtoradio has always remained on the side of truth, and I’m sure that the radio station has a big future ahead of it. The 25-year anniversary of Avtoradio is not just a corporate celebration, its effect extends far beyond our offices and regional branches. To some extent, this is already a national celebration. Even if it’s not official, for us and for our audience, that is the case.”

‘Avtoradio: 25 years - LIVE!’ is not just a name of a concert program. It reflects 25 years of effective work and the vibrant life of an extraordinary radio station, with its own drive, unique content, and music from around the world. In a quarter of a century Avtoradio has transformed into an irreplaceable element of national cultural life and became the trendsetter of FM-fashion time and time again. The radio station creates projects that are world-class in their level and scope, delivers a powerful creative charge, responds to the moods of the audience, empathizes and helps, protects and inspires. This is the secret to the admiration it receives from radio listeners and respect from colleagues in the radio industry, stars of show business and people whose opinions are especially important.

The general manager of Gazprom-Media Radio read a congratulatory telegram by the Russian President Vladimir Putin from the stage of Crocus City Hall. In his congratulations, the head of the state noted that in the quarter of a century the radio station achieved great success and today is rightfully considered one of the leaders of domestic radio waves.

The multiple awards that Avtoradio has received over the years confirm the president’s words. In addition to 38 ‘golden microphones’ of the main radio ‘Oscars’, Radiomania, and memorable accolades of many other national contests, Avtoradio has diplomas from the prestigious NAB International Broadcasting Excellence Award and NYF’s International Radio Program Awards.

Millions of people love and listen to the music that is played on Avtoradio. At the concert in Crocus City Hall, the radio station was once again able to bring together performers of the most different genres and ages in one single creative surge, as it happens daily on the airwaves.

The radio station will celebrate its anniversary for a whole year by handing out big gifts that not every radio station can afford. The game Mnogo Avtomobilei (Many Automobiles) is already on the air of Avtoradio. The prize fund is 3,000,000 rubles and five new cars from Suzuki. Don’t miss it! Watch for details on, and look for photo and video reports on the Avtoradio pages in the social networks.

For those who were not able to go to Crocus City Hall on April 14, the concert was aired on Avtoradio. The listeners of the global network from all over the world were also able to monitor all that was happening - there was a live video broadcast of the concert on and on the radio station’s page in Odnoklassniki ( The TV version of the concert that marked Avtoradio’s 25th anniversary will be broadcast on Channel One.