The share of viewership of Match TV in September-November among the target audience of men over 18 years of age increased by 23% to 3.6% compared to the fall of 2016, and by 32% among the audience aged 18 to 34, to 4.2%.

The TV channel increased sports broadcasts to make up 58% of its program lineup, which adds up to 1,300 hours.

Men aged 18 to 34 watched sports on Match TV in the autumn of the ongoing year with a record TV share of 4.9%.

In Moscow, the share in the male audience aged 18 to 34 in autumn 2017 increased by 62% to 4.7%, while the share of the male audience aged 18 and above grew by 37% to 4.5%.

On the eve of the 2018 World Cup, there was a noticeable growth in the viewership of football tournaments on Match TV among the young audience, males aged 18 to 34: Russian Premier League viewership grew by 38.2% to 10.2%, UEFA Champions League by 28.5% to 11.3%, UEFA Europa League by 17.5% to 9.9%, and the Russian Cup by 44% to 7.2%.