On April 8, Russian Animation Day was celebrated in Russia. For this date, Albina Mukhametzyanova, CEO and General Producer of YARKO, spoke about the work of the company, its results in 2022 and plans for the future in an interview with TASS.

YARKO produces high-quality animated content for a wide family audience, based on common human values and reviving the traditions of family viewing. The company’s portfolio includes 15 2D/3D projects in various genres and techniques for a wide family audience. In 2022, the company released the animated sports series Sports Tosha, MATCH Team, the comedy series Flying Delivery and Drakoshiya, which are available on Karusel, Match TV, O, SuperHeroes and in largest online cinemas. The Drakoshiya project took second place in the main industry rating “TOP-20 animated series on the leading children’s TV channel Karusel”. Also in 2022, the YARKO studio released two major projects dedicated to the celebration of the year of Peter the Great in Russia: Peter the Great: Facts and Myths (in partnership with GPM RTV) and Knowledge Ladder: Mastery (in partnership with the national video hosting RUTUBE).

In 2021–2022, YARKO’s production volume totaled 460 minutes of animation, and there is an ambitious goal of 700 minutes of content for 2023. The production of launched series will continue and 3 new projects will be released: Tikabo, Shushumagiya, Living Garage. There are also plans to dub all premiere projects into English to start international sales. Together with the Central Partnership film company a full-length film, Doktor Dinozavrov, will be produced. In addition, Technolike!, a series for teenage girls, will be released. It received the support of the Internet Development Institute (IDI), entering the Audiovisual Content category.

YARKO, GPM RTV sub-holding, Match TV channel, RUTUBE national video hosting, and Central Partnership film company are included in Gazprom-Media Holding.