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1 February 2021

NTV-PLUS online television subscribers quadruple in one year

The operator of NTV-PLUS digital and satellite television has looked into the development of its OTT-platform in 2020. According to its findings, the NTV-PLUS OTT platform had more than 640,000 subscribers in 2020, which is 324% more than in 2019. The share of paying viewers was 89% at the end of the year.

The share of viewers of NTV-PLUS.TV online television, who also subscribe to the operator’s satellite services, was around 7% in 2020. Satellite subscribers are able to use the Online TV (Multiscreen) service, which allows them to watch channels that are part of the satellite subscription on any digital devices. The percentage of such users has remained fairly low due to the quick growth in the number of paid subscriptions.

The number of views on the sVOD model increased by 519% in 2020 when compared with 2019. Eighty-five percent of subscribers have renewed their subscriptions for the next period, showing strong audience loyalty. At the same time, the number of subscribers who used the PPV model decreased by 56% when compared to 2019, due to the significantly lower quantity of sports broadcasts as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The content offering saw a significant expansion in 2020 thanks to the integration of the FOXNOW library, which includes the most popular TV series from FOX and Fox Life channels, as well as the PREMIER content library. Moreover, the OTT-platform launched a ViP Play package, which includes thousands of new films and popular classics, modern TV series, documentaries, sports matches, and 13 specialty channels from Viasat.

The OTT set-top box, based on Android, was released in July 2019, allowing subscribers to watch TV channels not only on any digital devices, but also on any television, without any special setups or antenna adjustments. An ordinary television only needs the new NTV-PLUS set-top box to transform into a smart TV.

In 2020, it also became possible to watch NTV PLUS.TV in CIS countries. Subscribers who live outside of Russia can watch the TV channels, their favorite shows and films through iOS and Android apps on any mobile devices, televisions with a Smart TV function, or at, which is adaptable for viewing on any screen size. Subscribers have access to all the features of NTV PLUS.TV: the broadcast archive, the Watch Now section, highlights reel, one-time purchases of films, and sports programming.