This series will be a spin-off of one of 2x2 Animation Studio’s most successful animated works, Ostorozhno, Zemlyane! (Beware, Earthlings!). The difference is that in Ostorozhno, Kiberzemlyane! (Beware, Cyber Earthlings!), the main character does not end up in a village in the middle of a forest, but in the future.

What will the cyber-Russia of 2121 look like? The houses rebuild themselves based on renovation programs, the long-awaited system of putting affordable chips into people has been achieved, and ads pop up in your subconscious mind. There are also meetings with cyber collectors, body sharing (instead of car sharing), a nanovirus epidemic among robots, and much more. Only the main character—the old man Semyon—has stayed the same in the future. He got into 2121 by accident, through an intertemporal vacuum cleaner!