NTV’s chief producer Timur Weinstein became a member of the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, which awards the International Emmy Award every year to the best television projects outside the United States.

Timur Weinstein’s professional portfolio includes more than 350 television projects, most of which aired on primetime on the largest Russian television channels. He was a producer for the projects Odin v Odin (One to One!) and Pepel (Ashes), which became the highest rated projects of the year on Russian TV, both among TV programs as well as TV shows.

Timur Weinstein also launched a number of successful projects on NTV. Among them, the film adaptation of Alexey Tolstoy’s novel Hozhdenie po Mukam (The Road to Calvary), the thriller Po tu Storonu Smerti (On the Other Side of Death), the Russian adaptation of the Swedish-Danish series Bron/Broen, the war drama with Vladimir Mashkov Mednoe Solntse (Copper Sun), the TV series Nevsky, Skoraya Pomosch (The Ambulance), Dinozavr (Dinosaur), as well as the shows Sekret na Million (Secret Worth a Million), DNK (DNA), and the international project Ty Super! (You are Super!) for children who were left without parental care, among others.

Timur Weinstein is the founder of the Lean-M producer center, which was acquired by Sony Pictures Television International and White Media, a partner of another industry leader Endemol Shine Group.

The experience of collaborating with the world's largest companies helped Timur Weinstein make Gazprom-Media’s international distribution stronger. NTV has been putting a lot of effort into selling its own content to foreign markets since 2017. In this time, global distributors picked up more than 10 of the channel’s projects. Three NTV series are now available on the world's largest streaming services: Hozhdenie po Mukam on Netflix, Apperkot dlya Gitlera (Uppercut to Hitler) on Amazon Prime, and Schubert on China’s Bilibili.

The inclusion of NTV’s chief producer into the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences signals a new chapter in the channel’s work at the international level and will help promote Russian content abroad.