The TNT4 TV channel presented the offerings of its new season to advertisers. In 2019, TNT4 will continue to air its successful show Prozharka (The Roast), launch a new show with Uncle Vitya, the host of Dengi ili Pozor (Money or Shame), as well as the comedy reality show Soldatki (Female Soldiers).

Moreover, TNT4 will get its own stand-up show and the world's first sitcom for messengers, Batya (Dad), which will be offered as short, two-minute clips as well as in feature film format. The channel will also begin broadcasting cult foreign TV series.

The presentation’s guests not only learned about the channel’s new projects, but also visited the world's first personal art exhibition by TNT4’s creative team. The exhibition was housed in the Artplay Design and Architecture Center and featured paintings, sculptures and installations, including video installations. A new take on comedy classics was the main theme of the art objects presented in the exhibit. Guests also saw new contemporary artworks. All of the artists are part of TNT4’s creative team.