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29 April 2022

​TNT сhannel gathers 15,000 spectators at Afisha Picnic music festival

TNT channel hosted a large-scale event at the Afisha Picnic music festival on August 4. Guests of the TNT area at the festival could attend concerts by the channel’s stars, film ID-videos, and get insights into the new TNT television season.

The channel held three large concerts in one day, featuring the stars of the shows Otkritii Mikrofon (Open Mike), Studia SOYUZ, and Improvizatsiaya (Improvisiation). Participants of the show Stand Up were the main act on the TNT stage. Well-known stand-up artists Slava Komissarenko, Nurlan Saburov, Stas Starovoitov, Elena Novikova, Zhenya Chebatkov, Vanya Usovich and Dmitry Komarov appeared on stage.

TNT also carried out its own brand campaign Popadi na TNT! (Get into TNT!) for the first time at Afisha Picnic. As part of the campaign, anyone could take part in the filming of ID-videos of the TV channel and thus, get into the same shot as the TNT celebrities. Guests of the festival uploaded the videos to their social networks. There were also photo booths set up in the TNT channel zone, where everyone could take a picture with their favorite TV shows and series in the background, the trampoline “Ty v Tantsah!“ (You are on the show Dances!) and summer curling, with TNT stars joining in.