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29 April 2022

TNT channel presents new season

In 2022 viewers will get to see the next installments of the TV channel’s popular hits as well as completely new shows, comedies and film series.

TNT held its traditional presentation of the new 2022 television season on Thursday, October 21. The channel’s director Roman Petrenko spoke about the ratings that TNT got in 2021, the plans and surprises it has prepared for the upcoming year, and the secret of the channel’s success among viewers and advertisers. 

TNT - No.1 in humour and comedy

The channel is wrapping up 2021 as a leader in the production of some of Russia’s most popular comedy shows. The blockbuster show Igra (The Game), which features dozens of Russia’s favourite comedians, currently has a viewership share of 20.2%* - this is the best result among weekend shows. The TNT shows Bitva Ekstrasensov (Psychic Battle), Zvezdy v Afrike (Celebrities in Africa) and Muzikalnaya Intuitsiya (Musical Intuition) also made it into the Top 5 Russian weekend shows. The channel’s signature lineup of weekday evening shows continues to lead in the ratings: Comedy Club, Stand Up, Zhenskiy Stand-Up (Women’s Stand-Up), Otkritiy Mikrofon (Open Mic), Gde Logika? (Where is the Logic?), Odnazhdy v Rossii (Once Upon a Time in Russia), Dvoe na Million (Two for a Million), Muzikalnaya Intuitsiya (Musical Intuition) and Comedy Battle. They were among the Top 10 comedy shows in the country.

New season - new shows

Kholostyak (The Bachelor) will return with a twist!

In 2022, TNT is planning to treat its viewers with the projects Ya Tebe ne Veryu (I Don’t Believe You) with Azamat Musagaliyev and Denis Dorokhov, the musical show LAB from the singer and composer Anton Belyaev, the return of the big hit Kholostyak, as well as the next installments of the shows Zvezdy v Afrike, Muzikalnaya Intuitsiya i NOVYE TANTSY (NEW DANCES).

Russia’s favourite TV series are TNT series

Every Russian TV viewer knows that TNT always shows its best comedy series at 20:00. As such, Zhuki (Bugs) became the most popular sitcom in the country on TNT with a share of 17.7%*. The other positions in the Top 5 were taken up by the TNT comedies Devushki s Makarovym (Makarov’s Girls), Otpusk (Vacation), the second season of Patriot and Militsioner s Rublyovki (The Militiaman from Rublyovka).

Return of film

TNT will show the blockbusters of the biggest foreign film studios next year as well as Russian films, including those made by the channel’s partner production studios. TNT’s programming will become even cooler and more diverse!

Next installments of TNT’s country-wide hits

Two grand comebacks await the viewers this year. This is the TV series Univer. 10 Let Spustya (Univer. 10 Years Later), which will show the adult lives of our favourite characters from Univer and Univer. Novaya Obshaga (Univer. New Residence), as well as the second season of the comedy Polyarny with Mikhail Porechenkov. As the year unfolds, viewers will see the new seasons of the series Realnye Patsany (Real Guys), God Kultury (Year of Culture) with Fyodor Bondarchuk, Otpusk and Devushki s Makarovym with Pavel Maykov, and Militsioner s Rublyovki with Artyom Suchkov.

Brand new TV shows of different genres

Semyon Slepakov and Pyotr Buslov filmed a new hit. 

At TNT’s presentation, Roman Petrenko introduced guests to several new series featuring the best Russian actors. These are the comedy series Ispravlenie i Nakazaniye (Correction and Punishment) with Anna Mikhalkova and Timofey Tribuntsev in the lead roles, Telokhranitely (Bodyguards) with Anatoly Zhurvlyov, Stream with Denis Vlasenko, and Vasya-Prazdnik (Vasya-the-Party) with Ilya Glinnikov. 

The popular universe of Politseysky s Rublyovki (The Policeman from Rublyovka) will get a new spin-off. This is the series Detektivnoe Agentstvo Igorya Mukhicha (Igor Mukhich’s Detective Agency) where Roman Popov plays the lead role. 

The long-awaited new series from Semyon Slepakov and Pyotr Buslov, Neprilichnye Dengi (Indecent Money), with Kseniya Rappoport and Konstantin Khabensky promises to be the highlight of the season, as do the visually unusual detective series 1703 with Gosha Kutsenko and Kuzma Saprykin and the dramedy Mne Plevat, Kto Vy (I Couldn’t Care Less Who You Are) with Denis Vlasenko. TNT will also air the series Vne Sebya (Beyond Oneself), which will be an experiment in that genre for the TV channel. Evgeniy Stychkin, Elena Lyadova and Evgeny Tsyganov play the lead roles in the series.
* Mediascope data, Russia 100,000+, All 14-44, share (%) of Top 5 weekend shows based on rating (premiere episodes) 
* Mediascope data, Russia 100,000+, All 14-44, share (%) of Top 5 TV series based on rating (premiere episodes)