TNT will soon air the most unusual series of the summer - Manyachello, a black comedy with literary references. This series was invented and filmed in Buryatia, and made by 1-2-3 Production.

Manyachello is a bold fictional story about a man from the village Sosnovka who really loves classic literature. He loves it so much, in fact, that he commits murders based on the classic works of such authors as Bulgakov, Dostoyevsky and Shakespeare. The local police don’t get the literary references and write off the murders as ordinary crimes or petty, everyday occurrences, which makes the already agitated Timofey even angrier. Investigator Olga who comes to Sosnovka from the city becomes a ray of light in Manyachello’s dark world. She immediately notices the literary links in the crimes, but the authorities don’t want to listen to her arguments and try to get rid of her before she gets further in her efforts to catch a serial killer in Sosnovka. Timofey, however, does not want Olga to go.