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29 April 2022

​TNT announces launch of new musical project

A new musical show on TNT PESNI (Songs) will begin accepting applications from participants on July 24. The show is created by the leading music labels in Russia, MALFA and Black Star, and is backed by the authoritative musical producers TIMATI and Maxim Fadeev.

Auditions for the new musical show will be held in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk from August 17 to September 4. According to the creators of the project, participation in PESNI is a chance for unknown performers to become world-class stars.

Vyacheslav Dusmakhametov, general producer of TNT:

“There are a lot of examples when TNT has changed the lives of people, whether they were involved in stand-up or dancing. The show PESNI is an absolutely new format, but at the same time TNT is staying true to itself: we are looking for a hero who wants and can sing. We want to discover real talents in this new genre for TNT, and as a result, to create a new Russian show business.”

Maxim Fadeev:

“PESNI is a very real story, unlike the staged musical projects on other channels. There are no analogues to this show. There are tens of musical projects on Russian television, but where do their artists disappear to after the finale? The time has come to change this! Come to the auditions in your city, sing me just one song and I will change your life forever!”


“I will tell you about the past of Black Star artists. Egor Kreed was a simple guy from Penza, while L’One lived in a rented apartment in Altufyevo. Now each of them gathers full stadiums. My own path from recording a demo to a solo concert in Olimpiysky took 15 years! You have a chance to do it quicker. I say this because it is time to change your life too! TNT and I are creating a new show business!”