TNT International—the international version of TNT—has become the first Russian-language TV channel to air on Channelbox, the UK’s free multifunctional platform.

British TV audiences will now be able to watch TNT’s biggest premieres at the same time as viewers in Russia. For 24 hours a day, the channel shows the best Russian reality shows, sitcoms, drama miniseries, feature-length films, talent shows and a large number of entertainment projects that cater to every taste. This includes the longest running reality show in the history of Russian television, Dom-2; the most popular comedy show Comedy Club; and everyone’s favorite Russian sitcoms Univer (University), Interny (Interns), Politseysky s Rublyovki (Policeman from Rublyovka), Fizruk (Gym Teacher) and Olga, as well as the miniseries Domashny Arest (House Arrest), Izmeny (Treason), Chernobyl. Zona Otchuzhdeniya (Chernobyl: Zone of Exclusion) and dozens of other mega hits.

One of the most anticipated premieres of this fall—the comedy Ivanko—launched on TNT International on November 12. It explores the friendship between two women who are complete opposites of each other. A number of other big premieres are planned for the year, including the eight-episode mystic drama Pereval Dyatlova (Dead Mountain: The Dyatlov Pass Incident) based on real events about one of the most mysterious stories of the Soviet era, when a group of students perished in the Northern Urals in 1959.