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29 April 2022

​TV channel Super goes to the movies

Four Russian romantic comedies in which Super TV channel was involved are being released simultaneously.

A comedy from director Alexei Nuzhnyi and Quartet I called Gromkaya Svyaz (Loud Connection) was released in wide distribution on February 14. Earlier, the film Kak Ya Stal Russkim (How I Became Russian) was released. The romcom Lyubovnitsy (Mistresses), which has been in theaters since February 28, was also produced by Super TV channel. And finally, Trezvyi Voditel (Sober Driver) by Rezo Gigineishvili (Bez Granits/No Borders, Lyubov s Aktsentom/Love with an Accent) with Andrei Burkovsky (Zvonite DiCaprio/Call DiCaprio) and Viktor Khorinyak (Kukhnya/The Kitchen, Posledniy Bogatyr/The Last Warrior) in the lead roles will be released in theaters on March 21.

Super’s chief producer Eduard Iloyan had earlier announced the channel’s strategy for forming its own library of film brands. Superbobrovy. Narodnye Mstiteli (Superfamily. Better Than Avengers) was the first movie to be released with the support of Super. The effort to diversity and build a 360-degree channel will continue in the new year.

“Having films by Super in theaters is part of our strategy to be present on all platforms. According to our forecasts, the package of films that will come out in the first quarter of this year will earn more than 1 billion at the box office, while the number of viewers will exceed 5 million,” Iloyan said.