Friday! TV channel and VKontakte social network have developed an application to support the games featured on the show Boy s Girls (Fight with Girls). The app is based on the VK Mini Apps platform and allows taking any application and organically integrating it into the ecosystem of the social network. This digital campaign with its gamification features has helped the channel to attract new viewers.

The application was launched as part of the promo campaign to the new show Boy s Girls. In the show, teams made up of boys and girls compete in funny contests. The team captains are Aleksandr Gudkov and Ekaterina Varnava. The main theme of the show is the eternal struggle between boys and girls. The app user could choose any team to play for. The app splits off into two versions - one with games for boys and the other with games for girls. All the games are based around gender stereotypes.

The app was supported on the Friday! broadcast and the television channel’s community and catalogue in VKontakte. As a result, the app got 1.1 million views and 439,000 unique players. Its users regularly returned to the app and monitored their own and their team’s ratings.

Thanks to the promo campaign, Boy s Girls went on air with a share of 5.7%, which surpassed the channel’s share by 150%. The first episode made it into the Top 5 primetime shows. The share among young women aged 18-24 was 19.8%. On the VK Mini Apps young women under 21 made up 44% of the users. The first episode of the show got 50% of its new viewers through the promotion done online and in mass media. The total reach of the promo campaign online was more than 20 million users.