The 2x2 television channel and the Moscow Film School are launching a joint Filmmaking training course where students will practice creating sketches and short films using the teachings of the experts at 2x2. The Filmmaking course starts on February 15.

The program of the course was developed by 2x2 producers. Students will have to film a pseudo-documentary film in the signature style of the TV channel and a committee of 2x2 representatives, headed by the channel’s director Denis Vsesvyatsky, will then evaluate the student works.

“We place great hope in the cooperation with the Moscow Film School and its alumni. We have been cooperating with universities for many years and turning 2x2 into a platform for self-expression, where anyone can get the opportunity to show the world his film masterpiece on the air of a federal channel. Recently we announced a Russia-wide selection of films and TV series. Anyone can send us their work at the email We will broadcast the first experiment that came out of this initiative on February 23. It is the film Zakon Murphy (The Law of Murphy), an ironic take on the Breaking Bad series,” said 2x2 director Denis Vsesvyatsky.