The annual business conference Brand Day 2021 was held in Moscow’s Grand Ballroom Double Space on October 12. Gazprom-Media Holding served as a key partner of the event.

Yekaterina Veselkova, general manager of Gazprom-Media Sales House, spoke in the first part of the business program’s plenary session. She spoke about the key drivers on the market, the benefits of sports content and sponsorship integrations, as well as the use of sustainable development principles in the advertising industry and within the Sales House.

Ekaterina noted that the Holding’s channels are supporting this trend and offering brands as many opportunities as possible. For example, Friday! TV channel and S7 launched an eco-month together. As part of this project, the channel changed its logo colour for the first time, turning it green, and developed a special corporate identity as well as a series of special promo clips that give viewers environmental tips. Along the same theme, 2x2 channel launched an interactive, adult animation series Poslednie Dny Trasha (The Last Days of Trash) whose characters draw attention to the most urgent environmental problems.

Gazprom-Media Sales House also hosted its own discussion session at the event, “Trends for Brands”, which was organised with the support of leading industry experts. Ekaterina Sivoratchenko, head of the agencies group at Gazprom-Media Sales House, moderated the session. Event participants discussed the main changes in the fields of marketing and advertising communications, highlighted the current trends on the market and presented successful case studies.

Summarising the discussion, Ekaterina Sivoratchenko noted that in creating trends and tools it is important to offer solutions that will benefit brands and audiences not only today, but also in the long term.

Yulia Andryushova, director of the business communications and analytics department at GPM Radio and an expert of Gazprom-Media Sales House, spoke at the “Benchmarks III” section about the unique collaboration between Detskoe Radio and Elari electronics brand.

Inna Kravtsova, business development director of GPM Data (part of the Gazprom-Media Sales House ecosystem), spoke at the “Don’t dream it. Let’s DOOH it!” section, describing the features of the new DOOH DSP inventory product.