The results of the annual “Best Social Projects of Russia” and “Best ESG Projects of Russia” programs were summed up and announced. Awards were given to companies that have shown the most significant achievements in the field of corporate social responsibility.

The winners were projects of Gazprom-Media Holding, NTV, Friday!, TV-3, Insight People, Autoradio, ENERGY, Relax FM, Radio Romantika, and Radio Zenit.

Gazprom-Media Holding’s Vselennaya Dobra volunteer center won in the “Volunteer Development” category. NTV projects were winners in two categories. The international vocal contest for children without parental care, Ty Super! [You are Super!] was the best in the “Support for Gifted Children and Youth” category.

The most popular show, Strana Talantov [Land of Talent] won the award in the “Culture, Arts, and Religion” category.

The Novye Patsanki [New Tomboys] project of Friday! TV channel won in the category “Socially Responsible Media”, and the Umnee Vsekh [Smarter than Everyone] program became the best in the nomination “Education and Science”.

The Heroes project from TV-3 channel was best in the nomination “Socially Responsible Media”.

The category “Support for SME” was won by a contest of Russian brands on Autoradio, designed to promote the development of the SME sector in Russia. Thanks to the socially significant initiative by Autoradio, more than 1,200 entrepreneurs from all over the country were able to make themselves known, and several business ideas received financial and informational support at federal level.

In the “Supporting Sports and Healthy Lifestyle” nomination “Relax-Meditation” was noted, during which Relax FM radio station set a Russian record for the greatest mass simultaneous meditation, and the ENERGY MOUNTAINS winter campaign (ENERGY radio station) where more than 15,000 people had the opportunity to fill their lives with sports, and energize themselves with mountains and only the best music.

Radio Zenit won in the “Education and Science” category with the “Feats of Leningrad athletes” cycle. It was released on the 80th anniversary of lifting the Leningrad blockade.

Radio Romantika won in the “Socially Responsible Media” category. The cycle of “Useful Eco Habits” mini sections on forming environmental culture and popularizing ecological lifestyles was recognized as best.

The “Unforgotten” film almanac from the Insight People production center was best in the “Culture. Art. Religion” category. The project shows historical events forgotten in Europe, true heroes of the Second World War, and raises the importance of preserving historical memory.

NTV, Friday!, TV-3, Insight People, Autoradio, ENERGY, Relax FM, Radio Romantika, and Radio Zenit as part of GPM Radio are part of Gazprom-Media Holding.