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31 August 2021

PREMIER to release Evgeny Stychkin’s society drama Kontakt on September 9

PREMIER video service will release two episodes of the new Kontakt (Contact) series on September 9. The series looks at the problems faced by generations who are separated by the virtual wall of modern technologies. The director Evgeny Stychkin, creative producer Maxim Parshin and leading actors Pavel Maikov and Irina Pautova have created a drama about “boomers” and “zoomers” who live with one foot in the real world and one foot in the digital world.

The main characters never manage to connect in this era of social networks. Created to bring people together, social networks sometimes have the opposite effect. The teenage girl Yulia does not obey her father, she has issues at school and at home. Her father, Gleb Barnashov, is a former inspector who now focuses on juvenile affairs.