RUTUBE video platform and Red Media TV company will hold an online memorial marathon on June 22. The special broadcast is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War and can be watched on the history channel 365 Dney TV on RUTUBE. It will be available to all users without prior registration. The broadcast will begin at four in the morning and finish at midnight, Moscow time.

More than two dozen domestically produced TV projects - documentary and feature films dedicated to the first years of the Great Patriotic War - will be featured as part of the 18-hour marathon.

365 Dney TV will show viewers several premieres on the anniversary date. These include the documentary films Samoe Glavnoe o Zhizni (The Most Important Things in Life) about the siege of Leningrad, Bespamyatstvo (Lost Memory) about the attitude to monuments of Soviet soldiers in Europe, as well as the feature mini-series Staroye Ruzhye (Old Gun) about the struggle between a village mathematics teacher and Nazi soldiers.