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29 April 2022

​Director of Lost Bobby Roth working on Russian-Turkish TV series

KIT Film Studio (part of Gazprom-Media) and the Turkish film company Maya Productions began shooting the first joint international television series Sultan Moego Serdtsa (Sultan of my Heart). Bobby Roth, a famous Hollywood director, screenwriter and producer, will take part in the creation of the series.

The series will be shown on Russia’s Channel One as well as in international distribution. The filming of the 24-episode feature is taking place at the Turkish film studio Maya Productions Ltd. Kocaeli Studios near Istanbul. The film features Russian and Turkish actors.

General manager of Gazprom-Media KIT Rafael Minasbekyan and general manager of KIT Film Studio Dzanik Fayziev are producing the film series.

The creative supervisor of the project is Bobby Roth, a famous Hollywood director, screenwriter and producer, who has worked on the series Lost, Prison Break, Crime Story, The Mentalist, Criminal Minds and other global hits. For the series Sultan Moego Serdtsa, Bobby Roth filmed several of the first episodes. He will also oversee the production of the series.

The main female role in the series is played by Alexandra Nikiforova who the viewers know from the series Anna-Detektiv (Anna Detective). Her partner on set is the Turkish actor Ali Ersan Duru who is famous for the series The Noble of Today, Fantastic Father-in-Law and others.