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29 April 2022

Solving Murder Using Math: TV-3 Will Air the Russian Premiere of Shvabra

The Russian premiere of the murder mystery Shvabra will air on TV-3 on weekdays starting on April 12 at 18:30. Anna Nikolaevna Shvabrina (played by Aleksandra Rebenok) is a math teacher the students nicknamed Shvabra (mop). A math genius who chose to work at a school over getting a Nobel Prize, she gets mixed up in an investigation into serial murders—first as the main suspect, and then as partner to the police captain. 

Mathematics is order and sequence, and anything can be calculated. Seeing the world through formulas, Anna proves that it is possible to predict a criminal’s behavior and even figure out where his next murder will take place. Her main tools are an impeccable knowledge of mathematical formulas and her partner, the investigator Vershinin, relies on his years of experience in the field and the basics of forensic science. They may seem like radically different individuals, but those differences are what help them crack the toughest cases.

The show also features Anton Batyrev, Ivan Tamashev, Anna Kuzina, Alexander Rudko, Alexander Kryzhanovsky, Lyudmila Zagorskaya, Oksana Arkhangelskaya, Konstantin Oktyabrsky, Vladislav Mamchur, and Rosa Khairullina, along with producers Alla Lipovetskaya and Marina Kvasova and cinematographer Alexey Tsvelodub.