A large-scale promotional campaign in support of the second season of the much talked about reality show Patsanky (Tomboys) got underway on August 4. Stylists from Chanel created the looks of the actresses who play tomboys.

The second season of the show Patsanky will kick off on Friday! channel on August 17. The heroines of the show will have to spend several months in the School for Ladies in order to try and get rid of their bad habits, overcome the drama of their past and start a new life. At the moment, these embittered young women are cheeky, aggressive and don’t know good manners. But the creators of the show assure that their cruelty is just forced armour which conceals, more or less, vulnerable and deeply unhappy souls.

In the on-air promo video, the actresses who play the roles of tomboys clash in a tough battle and, in the process, transform into society ladies in elegant dresses.

The idea of the promo belongs to the general manager of the channel Nikolay Kartozia. Acting as its director was the famous video clip maker Konstantin Cherepkov for whom this work was already the fourth made together with Friday! channel.

The video clip was filmed at the factory Molniya. Its huge, deserted spaces set the necessary atmosphere. The casting of the young women, during which more than 30 potential participants were evaluated, was held over several days. All girls got so imbued with the spirit of the show in their preparations for the filming that the fighting scene, which was put together by a whole stunt team, was filmed in just two takes.

For the final scene, the costume makers assembled a whole collection of haute couture gowns, among them pieces by Vera Wang. The looks of the heroines were created by the top team of makeup artists from Chanel, headed by the leading stylist of the brand Ernest Muntaniol, and were used for an outdoor advertising campaign, among other things.

The geography of the advertising campaign includes 31 cities and 1,294 outdoor surfaces (billboards, posters, pillars, city boards), including 17 digital supersites in Moscow. The video package for Patsanky will be placed on 140 screens across Russia during the second half of August.

The photoshoot for the outdoor campaign was done by Danil Golovkin, one of the best Russian fashion photographers. His portfolio includes covers for Vogue, GQ, l’Officiel, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and others. As a result, the prints for the outdoor advertising campaign turned out atmospheric and moody. They allow viewers to feel the characters of the real heroines of the project behind the looks of the female models: strong, spirited girls who firmly decided to change themselves and their lives.

The link to the video: https://news.friday.ru/promo/patsanki-2-skoro