NTV channel and Russia’s head Ded Moroz, the country’s equivalent of Santa Claus who lives in Veliky Ustyug, have announced that their holiday post season is open. People can write down their most cherished and genuine wishes in the letters, send them off, and the winter wizard and his assistants will make them come true as part of the sixth edition of the show Puteshestvie Deda Moroza s NTV (NTV’s Journey with Santa Claus). People can send messages about their dreams, make New Year’s wishes and send holiday greetings to their friends by posting letters to the email address dedmoroz@ntv.ru.

In 2021, Ded Moroz’s journey will once again be held in an online format. Ded Moroz and NTV channel presenters will connect to families and public institutions through video calls from a special studio built in Moscow. They will wish them a Happy New Year and gift presents.