Gazprom-Media Holding wrapped up the second part of its educational program “Producing Films and TV Programs” for the students in the Higher School of Policy in Culture and Management in the Sphere of Humanities faculty at the Moscow State University.

An agreement to carry out an educational program aimed at training and developing qualified personnel in the film and television industries was signed by Gazprom-Media and Moscow State University in September 2018. Since February 2019, the project has been carried out on the university’s campus under the brand #GPMTrendy (Gazprom-Media Trends) with the support of GPM KIT and NTV channel.

Top managers of Gazprom-Media Holding served as speakers of the course’s second installment. They included NTV’s deputy chief producer and host of the talent show Ty Super! (You are Super!) Vadim Takmenev, deputy general manager of KIT Film Studio Aleksandr Bondarev, the studio’s editor Elina Stolerova, the Holding’s strategy director Aleksandr Reshetnyak, TNT4 channel director Gavriil Gordeev, director of sports broadcasts on Match-TV Evgeny Meites, and the director of 2x2 channel Denis Vsesvyatsky.