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29 April 2022

Friday! and Subbota! present new 2021-2022 season

The TV channels Friday! and Subbota! presented their lineups for the new 2021-2022 television season in Moscow. Targeted at advertisers, the presentation touched on the key indicators and results of the two channels and also included announcements about their new projects.

Friday! TV channel was the No.2 choice for advertisers on where to place sponsorship ads on television (according to a research study on sponsorship that was carried out with the support of the Russian Association of Communication Agencies, fall 2021).

Friday! is still showing stable growth in the ratings. The channel’s rating increased by 43% over the past eight years, while the overall television viewership decreased by 29%.

The channel also showed impressive results in the digital sphere - 1.8 billion content views on digital platforms over the year.

Moreover, Friday! is still the leader in TikTok among TV channels. The channel’s two accounts (official account and the TikTok of the reality show Patsanky/Tomboys) have a combined five million subscribers.

Friday! will soon launch a new culinary show Molodye Nozhi (Young Knives) where chef Konstantin Ivlev will look for future Michelin stars. On October 19, the channel will launch the game show Wunderkinds, featuring talented children from across the country. The channel will also air a special season of the culinary reality show Konditer. Deti (Confectioner. Children) and the premieres of the series Durdom (Mad House) and Sestrukha (Sista). The new season of Uchilki v Zakone (Teacher Outlaws) is already on air.

The annual growth of the Subbota! TV channel was 57% in terms of share. The channel launched five new reality shows in a record three months. In the near future, viewers will see the premieres of the shows Ostorozhno, Zdorovye (Caution, Health) with Ksenia Sobchak and Hochu i Budu ( I Want to and I Will) with Mikhail Labkovsky.