PREMIER’s Mir! Druzhba! Zhvachka! (Peace! Friendship! Chewing Gum!) leads the Top 3 Russian series in online movie theatres.

The second season of the series Mir! Druzhba! Zhvachka!, released on the PREMIER video service, was the top Russian series in terms of views, the level of knowledge about it, and percent of views among all original series on Russian video services in the first half of 2021, according to a study by TelecomDaily. The next top series were Soderzhanki (Kept Women) from Start and Dyldy (Tall People) from More.TV. The series Byvshie (Exes), from Start, wrapped up the Top 3.

PREMIER original series lead in terms of the total number of views. In addition to Mir! Druzhba! Zhvachka!, two PREMIER series got more than 20% of the views in the Top 10. They are Obychnaya Zhenshina 2 (An Ordinary Woman 2) and V Aktivnom Poiske (On the Hunt).