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29 April 2022

PREMIER, 2x2 and Toonbox create crypto-animated series

PREMIER video service, 2x2 TV channel and Toonbox studio are getting ready to release a large-scale animated series for an adult audience, Take My Muffin (for viewers 16+). The series is a story about a unicorn who suffers memory loss but has the superpower to spontaneously come up with genius start-up ideas. To get his memories back, he starts working with an extravagant businessman - a three-eyed cat named Rok. 

There are plans to release three seasons of the show with 10 episodes per season. The project will be released on 2x2 and PREMIER video service in early 2022.

The series creators describe Take My Muffin as a journey into a psychedelic version of Silicon Valley where robots coexist with dragons and walking potatoes.
The project’s producer and screenwriter, Pavel Muntyan, is one of the most influential figures in animated film in Russia. He founded Toonbox studio, which has released such projects as Mr. Freeman, Kumi-Kumi and Priklyucheniya Am-Nyama (Am-Nyam Adventures), also shown on 2x2 channel. Stanislav Mikhailov, Vladimir Ponomaryov and Michael Mennis also wrote the script for the new project.

Take My Muffin is the first animated series to be funded by the crypto community. It is possible to become a member of the project by buying an NFT token of the animated series on the Rarible platform. There will be a limited number of NFT tokens available - 350 in total (250 big and 100 small). After buying the NFT token, the participants will receive 1,000 or 100 TMM bonus tokens, depending on their purchase. They can use these to vote about the administrative and strategic decisions made on the series, and to get access to its working materials. However, they will not be able to influence the creative elements of the series. 

Additional information about the series is available on this Telegram channel.