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29 April 2022

Sony Pictures International Productions, SND films and Monolith films acquire adaptation rights to Russian comedy "Son of a rich"

The film is currently Russia’s highest-grossing film at the box office

Mexican, Indian, South Korean, Japanese, Spanish, and Italian adaptation rights to Russian comedy Son of a Rich have been acquired by Sony Pictures International Productions with French rights acquired by SND Films and Polish rights acquired by Monolith Films.

Produced by Yellow, Black & White Production Studio, MEM Cinema, and United Companies of GPM KIT (part of Gazprom-Media Holding), along with the support of the Cinema Foundation of Russia, Son of a Rich is currently the highest-grossing Russian film to date, it has taken in 3.071 billion rubles in Russia and has grossed a total of over $1.8 million USD abroad.

From the moment we watched Son of a Rich, we knew it was special. We couldn’t be more excited to adapt this picture for new audiences who I’m sure will like it as much as Russian movie goers did.
Laine Kline Head of Sony Pictures International Productions, the local-language production arm of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Motion Picture Group

SND Films is the leading French distributor and production branch of Groupe M6, the largest existing French media company that owns the most popular French television network. SND Films bought the rights for the production of the remake in France.

We are delighted to produce and distribute the French remake of Son of a Rich. We really enjoyed the Russian movie, this hilarious mix of The Truman Show and the French classic comedy Les visiteurs, and we can’t wait to bring a « French touch » to this great story.
Remi Jimenez Managing Director of Acquisition and Production at SND

The Polish company of Monolith Films has bought the production rights for the Polish remake of the film, which they will begin filming next year.

We are delighted to be working with Central Partnership on the Polish remake of the Son of a Rich comedy blockbuster. In Poland, filming is scheduled for August of 2022. We all strongly believe in the great success of this project.
Mariusz Lukomski Monolith Films, Chairman

International sales are being managed by the film production and distribution company of Central Partnership (part of Gazprom-Media Holding).

Son of a Rich also became the highest-grossing Russian film in the Baltic States (distributed by Garsu Pasaulio Irasai). By February 10th, more than 70,000 moviegoers had watched the film in the Baltic countries, thus bringing in €45,061,000 into the box office. Moreover, the film continues to hold the top spot in gross revenues among all Russian films in Serbia, the homeland of the film's leading actor, Milos Bikovich. There, the box office revenue well exceeded half a million dollars. 

Son of a Rich hit the screens in Israel (distributed by Stars Media), the USA, and in a number of European countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and England (distributed together by Kinostar and KinoKartina.TV). 

The total revenue grossed by the film in Europe and the United States amounted to 497 thousand euro, which goes to show that there were more than 45 thousand tickets sold.

Klim Shipenko's comedy managed to even take this record-breaking title from T-34, a military action motion picture that was the previous highest-grossing Russian film in Europe (222,700 thousand euro). Not only this, but Son of a Rich surpassed in gross revenue other well-received films like the fairy tale of The Last Warrior (187 thousand euro), the comedies Yolki 6 (145 thousand euro) and Yolki 7 (166 thousand euro), as well as the sports drama Three Seconds (197 thousand euro).

The signed agreements come as a tremendous success and further proof that a cool, understandable story is what is most valuable in filmmaking. I am sure that the remakes of Son of a Rich will be in demand among foreign audiences, as well as bring box office success to the production studios.
Vadim Vereshchagin the general director of Central Partnership
Son of a Rich's original concept aroused tremendous interest of the audience in Russia and turned out to be relevant to audiences in many other countries. We are very happy that foreign filmmakers also paid attention to this idea and decided to adapt it on their lands. In the modern world of gadgets and social inequality, the lack of [internet/cellular] connection and connections is considered to be extreme, so this helps our hero, and along with him the viewer, to once again learn how to communicate with people, find a true friend, and find love.
Eduard Iloyan Yellow, Black & White Production Studio General Producer