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29 April 2022

​NTV retains second place among Moscow viewers based on April and May data

For two months Moscow’s television viewers aged 18+ have consistently put NTV in second among all Russian television channels. The channel’s share in April was 10.5% (2.0% rating) and 9.8% in May (1.6% rating) thanks to the success of its primetime lineup of action-packed series, information broadcasting, entertainment and educational programs. This put NTV in second place among the three largest Russian television channels.

NTV channel also stayed in second place during the first week of June with a share of 9.8% and a rating of 1.5%.

The first season of the show Maska, the Russian adaptation of the world hit The Masked Singer, was the top NTV program among Moscow television viewers in April with a share of 27.3% and a rating of 9.8%. The channel’s second most watched program was the live broadcast from the Church of the Holy Sepulcher - 21.5% of Muscovites watched the descent of the Holy Fire (6.0% rating). The auteur program, Itogi Nedeli (Weekly Summary) with Irada Zeynalova, wrapped up the top three with a share of 16.1% and a rating of 5.7%.

In May, Muscovites showed a preference for information broadcasting. The program Segodnya Dnem (In the Afternoon) got a share of 19.4% and a rating of 4.6% to claim a definitive first place. The action-packed comedy Dinozavr (Dinosaur) took second and third place. The rerun of the first season aired with a 14.4% share and 4.6% rating. The broadcast of the second, brand new season also had a 14.4% share (4.3% rating). Vadim Takmenev’s informational program Tsentralnoe Televidenie (Central Television) also got solid numbers (16.1% share, 4.2% rating).

NTV’s entertainment programs Sekret na Million (Secret Worth a Million, 13.8% share, 4.7% rating) and Zvezdy Soshlis (The Stars Aligned, 17.8%, 4.8%) invariably remain among the most watched. Moscow viewers are especially fond of the action-packed crime series Pyos (Dog). The rerun of the series aired with a share of 14.7% and a rating of 4.7%. The program Novye Russkie Sensatsii. Prorochestvo Krasnogo Grafa (New Russian Sensations. Red Count’s Prophecy) was watched by 12.6% of television viewers in the Russian capital (4.2% rating), while the premiere of the four-part film about the oldest participant of the Great Patriotic War, Ded Morozov (Grandfather Morozov), became the leader among all TV films with a share of 12.4% and a rating of 3.6%.