The entire Russian territory became a film set for Delekie Blizkie (Close Ones, Far Away). The road movie was filmed in Khabarovsk, on Lake Baikal and Olkhon Island, in Buryatia, St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. In total, the film crew covered more than 10,000 kilometres. Soon viewers will be able to relive this exciting journey with the film’s protagonists and see the many incredible and beautiful places that Russia is famous for.

The film Dalekie Blizkie tells the story of a father and son who embark on a long road trip across Russia. The father is an ordinary geography teacher (Evgeny Sytyi) who makes a radical decision to go visit a woman he met through the social networks and takes his son (Filipp Avdeyev) along for the trip. After covering thousands of kilometres, from the Far East to Moscow, the father and son, who have grown apart over the years, find out the roots of their old conflicts and arrive at their destination as changed people.