The interactive portal of Gazprom-Media Holding Radio - Online Radio, company Kvant, and the joint venture between MaksimaTelekom and Gazprom-Media in the field of advertising technologies and big data, conducted a study on the musical preferences of Moscow metro passengers. The joint project, Moskovsky Beat (Moscow Beat), was launched based on the collected data findings.

The study was based on a survey among users of the free Wi-Fi network MT_FREE in the Moscow metro. The results were then analyzed across different Moscow districts. In this way, it was possible to determine how musical preferences differ depending where Muscovites reside in the city. The survey was conducted from January to August 2019, with more than 370,000 users taking part.

Rock, hip hop/rap, as well as pop music were the undisputed leaders among musical genres. More than 80% of the respondents preferred this music.

The study also helped to identify the differences in musical preferences depending on the city district. For example, the residents of Moscow’s eastern administrative district like chanson music most of all, while those living in the western district often listened to jazz. In the city center, the majority of the survey participants chose electronic music.

An interactive map of musical tastes around the capital city was created based on the results of the study, which became the basis for the Moskovsky Beat project. This new unique service will be available to Moscow metro passengers throughout November. Users of the MT_FREE Wi-Fi network will be able to listen to a thematic selection of music from Online Radio, based on the musical preferences of the district where they live. Playlists will be available on the website. When connected to the network, the user will get offered a musical playlist specifically from his district.

The promo of the project is available here: