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29 April 2022

NTV presents new season

The presentation of NTV channel’s new season was held on Friday, April 2. NTV’s chief producer, Timur Weinstein, summed up the annual results, shared plans for the future television season and presented new projects, which include new seasons of popular shows, action-packed TV series and the next installments of the channel’s successful franchises. 

NTV continues to confidently increase viewership indicators across all of its key audiences. In 2020, the channel’s share among viewers aged 18+ increased by 9%. The share of young viewers, aged 14-44, increased by 13%, and those of women aged 14-44 by 22%. NTV is consistently one of the Top 3 channels in cities that have a population of 100+ with a share of 9.9%. On the weekends, it climbs to second place with a share of 10.2% - the channel is a leader of weekend daytime among audiences aged 14-44 and 25-54 thanks to its wide range of lifestyle programs.

The second season of the Maska (The Masked Singer) show, which launched on February 14, continues to defend its status as the “country’s best show” and is breaking its own records every week. The viewership share of its penultimate episode was 18.8%, and reached 29.6% at the moment when the Sun contestant removed the mask.

NTV viewers will get to see two different seasons of the Ty Super! (You are Super!) show this year. The international singing competition for children who were left without parental care, is celebrating its anniversary in the fall - it will be the show’s fifth season. Before that, in May, NTV will host another premiere of the show, with an unexpected twist. This is the musical show Ty Super! 60+ (You are Super! 60+), which features talented people over 60 years old who were left without the support of their families and friends. The show’s casting process is already finished. There will be a total of 45 performers on the show, the oldest of whom is 87 years old.

Fall 2021 will also see the start of the second season of Superstar!, a relaunch of a popular show from the 2000s, which became the absolute hit of this year. There will be more contestants in the second season, while the rules will get more complicated. Previously contestants received points in each episode, but this time around, the performer who jury members deem to be the weakest will be eliminated.

NTV viewers can also expect to see an exciting new lineup of TV series. Among them are the next installments of fan favourites such as Goryachaya Tochka (Hot Spot) with Arseniy Robak, Pyat Minut Tishiny (Five Minutes of Silence) with Roman Kurtsyn and Igor Lifanov, Pyos (Dog) and Likhach (Daredevil) with Nikita Panfilov, Nevsky with Anton Vasilyev and Skoraya Pomosch (The Ambulance) with Gosha Kutsenko. NTV will also broadcast premiers of experimental multi-episode films. This includes the screen adaptation of Alexander Terekhov’s bestseller of the same name, Nemtsy (The Germans), with Evgeny Koryakovsky in the lead role, the retro detective series Za Chas Do Rassveta (One Hour to Dawn) starring Konstantin Khabensky and Andrey Berkovsky, the crime show Sluchayny Kadr (Accidental Shot) with Elena Lyadova and Mikhail Porechenkov, the Russian adaptation of the French series OURO (Gold) with Evgeny Dyatlov and Ilya Antoneko, the adaptation of the Israli TV series False Flag with Maksim Drozd, as well as the action-packed detective series Politseiskoe Bratstvo (Police Brotherhood) with a famous quartet in the leading roles - Aleksei Nilov, Aleksander Polovtsev, Sergey Selin and Andrey Fedortsov.