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29 April 2022

NTV shows Victory Parade in 360° live format for the first time

The annual Victory Day Parade, commemorating the 76th anniversary of the end of the Great Patriotic War, was held today on May 9. It was the first time that the NTV company carried out a full-scale filming of the Victory Parade using 360° cameras and showed it live on its official TV channel, NTV mobile app, social networks and YouTube channel. 

The broadcast feed came from five cameras simultaneously. The cameras were set up in the stands in Red Square, Manezhnaya Square, Tverskaya Street and Vasilyevsky Spusk. Another camera was set up inside a moving military vehicle that took part in the parade, which allowed NTV viewers to become virtual participants of the event and to “ride” inside an armored vehicle, enjoying the 360° view as it drove through Red Square.

NTV website users had the option of switching to a live feed from any of the five cameras, while YouTube users got to watch a combined broadcast from the cameras in a 360° format, which could also be viewed through virtual reality glasses. Viewers were not only able to see what was happening from different perspectives, but also to zoom in by moving the image in different directions.

This was the first time that the online broadcast of the Victory Parade was done in a 360° format and we are happy that NTV was the pioneer in this achievement.